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Writing about media interface presentations and their relation to larger cultural trends is tricky. Different elements are constantly added, changed or removed, new services are frequently developed and released to public use, and new technologies capture the imaginations of many. Within this flux, what can we say about social photography in particular and contemporary image productions in general, that is not confined to the characteristics of one platform or another? Can we identify overarching processes that cross platforms and are destined to change the way we interact with images?

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We submitted these photos to Mechanical Turk again, asking three "master workers" (i.e. more skilled workers) not only to verify that a photo shows a single selfie, but also to guess the age and gender of the person.

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The festival will showcase the works of established and emerging Indian and International photographers. The exhibition will be showcasing the World Press photo exhibition, with 143 award winning photographs in photojournalism as well as a collection of works by the students of The One School. Prominent photographers from all over the world will exhibit their work in the field of documentary, travel, fashion, fine art and commercial photography. There will also be curated dialogues between photo experts and budding enthusiasts about using photography for visual story-telling through glamour shoots, travel and lifestyle blogs, wildlife and camera workshops, and a carnival photo walk.