Backlash against “pinkwashing” of breast cancer awareness campaigns

The first thing you'll observe is that your preconceptions about Leonardo's style are challenged—it is not dark and defined by dramatic chiaroscuro: on the contrary it is more like an impressionist painting full of fragmented cerulean blue, white and pink.

The Very Pink, Very Controversial Business of Breast Cancer Awareness

The narrative culminates in a mental trial as theatrically rich as the greatest stage shows, with Pink’s tale ending with a message that is as enigmatic and circular as the rest of his life.

Breast Cancer: Awareness, Activism & Pinkwashing

The Very Pink, Very Controversial Business of Breast Cancer Awareness

Now shackled to his bricks, Pink watches helplessly (or perhaps fantasizes) as his fragmented psyche coalesces into the very dictatorial persona that antagonized the world during World War II, scarred his nation, killed his father, and, in essence, affected his life from birth.

“Pink Think” furthers that idea

Anna Rachnel is a breast cancer survivor, former public accountant, and writer for The Cancer Culture Chronicles. With her permission, the Pink Ribbon Blues Blog republishes her recent essay “Komen By The Numbers.”

Media also plays a large part in where children learn about what ..

A 45-year-old chemical worker was referred to the Intensive Care Unit of Policlinico San Matteo Hospital of Pavia, following cardiopulmonary arrest, after inhalation of high pressure cyanuric chloride. He has been successfully resuscitated at his workplace, and treated with 7.5 g i.v. hydroxocobalamin for suspected cyanide poisoning. A few hours after admission, he developed a diffuse skin rash with coalescing intense-pink macules and patches, particularly evident on his abdomen. The skin temperature was normal. Urine was fuchsia coloured. A cutaneous punch biopsy was done showing superficial and deep perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate, with no evidence of pigment deposition. Cutaneous discoloration gradually faded and disappeared completely within 5 days. Cyanide poisoning was then excluded by negative essays in blood, urine and gastric content. Pink skin discoloration was considered to be induced by hydroxocobalamin. One month after the accident the patient was dismissed and is now recovering.

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Kathleen Kolb is a physical therapist, artist, breast cancer survivor, and writer of the blog The Accidental Amazon. With her permission, the Pink Ribbon Blues Blog republishes her recent essay about the Komen trademark feuds, aptly titled “Hubris For The Cure.”

in blue and little girls in pink.

Every incident that causes Pink pain is yet another brick in his ever-growing wall: a fatherless childhood, a domineering mother, an out-of-touch education system bent on producing compliant cogs in the societal wheel, a government that treats its citizens like chess pieces, the superficiality of stardom, an estranged marriage, even the very drugs he turns to in order to find release.