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Do not look for happiness at the end of the road. You should look for happiness in the simple things of your life. Every day, you can have countless opportunities to experience peace and happiness. For example, you can pause during a hectic schedule and take a deep breath. You can savor a cup of coffee, look out of the glass window behind your desk and enjoy the view of the sky or the street, or eat your food with gratitude. You can talk to a friend you love dearly, go for a walk in the nearby park or go on a drive during the weekend to a nearby scenic spot. If you are sincere, you will find innumerable such opportunities to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and lighten up. It is those little moments that make up most of your life and it is where you have more opportunities to choose happiness instead of depression and gloom.

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The yaoi/boys' love phenomenon is a spectrum of signification which is sometimes highly complicated. We are left to wonder about the consequences of creators and readers of yaoi and boys' love choosing multiple oppositional or contradictory identities from the spectrum of possibilities. What are the consequences of being double-minded, playing with double-edged-ness, possessing double-pleasures, double-troubles? Perhaps this is an instance about which Jacques Lacan writes--of "the incessant sliding of the signified under the signifier" (Lacan 1977, 154). He claimed that no anchoring of particular signifiers to particular signifieds is possible. Like Lacan, Derrida refers to the free-play of signifiers which point beyond themselves to other signifiers in an "indefinite referral of signifier to signified" (Derrida 1978, 25). We believe that the range of double-duty disengaged signifiers permit the creators and consumers of yaoi and boys' love to be as-I-am-now while symbolically having as-I-might-be identities posited by the "other" who just happens to appear in the form of others' [male] bodies. The slippery less-known [to the female] male body provides a nearly-blank slate on which to scrawl, scrub-out, and sometime even with an elegant line draw new forms of femininity.

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