I believe in the power of a smile

Now, as a young woman I understand that my mother was teaching me that the simple act of smiling can brighten someone’s day. I believe that one smile can give you a little faith. I believe that one smile can brighten your gloomiest days. I will always continue to smile to others as if they are my best friend because you never know how your smile will impact them. I believe in the power of a simple smile.

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I believe in the power of smiling; I believe smiling can lighten up a mood, decrease stress, and most importantly bring happiness to another person’s day. When I was a little girl my mother always told me to smile at people. I never knew why she was so repetitive about telling me to smile, and I never bothered to ask her the reason. She told me I looked mean when I was not smiling, and she also told me that I would look approachable and appealing to people if I were to smile. “The way to attract someone is through a simple smile” is what she told me. I eventually learned on my own that smiling is contagious.

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