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Pride and Prejudice takes place in a town outside of London called Hertfordshire, where the reader follows Elizabeth, her friends, and her family as they search for love in the nineteenth century.

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@Proud College V – Protip: Remember that your professor probably didn’t wait until marriage. Don’t hand in an essay preaching the virtues of abstinence. It will put him/her on the defensive emotionally, and when teachers feel defensive they take points off. One of the quickest ways to fail a paper is to offend the teacher. Getting a good grade is more important than speaking your mind to your professor. Swallow your pride and pick a safer topic. Or if you must write about WTM, do it in a safe, self-effacing way that preserves your professor’s ego.

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Pride and Prejudice shows many aspects of marriage and demonstrates how one can make the most of their life regardless of the circumstances.

As marriage was seen as a great achievement for women in their society, happiness in Pride and Prejudice relates to whether one is happy or unhappy in their marriage....