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I knew that Dennis was not a criminal, and had plenty of experience in defending him over the years. I began a dialogue with Mr. Skeptic, presenting my case. If nothing else, I encouraged Mr. Skeptic to perform some actual investigation. There were heat pumps in Philadelphia that he could have tested, customers he could have talked to, true investigation that he could have performed, to see if Dennis was crooked or crazy. Merely sifting through the legal documents regarding the various governmental cases against Dennis was stunning. The best book Dennis has written about his experiences was . That book provided official documentation and witness affidavits that clearly presented the government's cases against Dennis. The book is strongest when Dennis merely documents his experiences.

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That is all the writing I plan to do regarding Mr. Skeptic. I do not plan on analyzing or dealing with his work anymore. Readers might ask why I have devoted so much effort to him. Unfortunately, as with , , and others, the media has presented Mr. Skeptic as a man with credible things to say. The media has repeatedly portrayed Mr. Skeptic as the primary critic of Dennis and his efforts, making him seem a valid critic. As Dennis has been making national noise on and off over the years, there have been numerous media accounts regarding Dennis, including a nationally televised documentaries and "investigative report" (that never contact me) where Mr. Skeptic is Dennis’s prominent critic. This essay was partly intended to show what kind of critic Mr. Skeptic really is, and Dennis’s critics in general.

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The Eastern Cherokee kept assimilating white ways and relinquishing their lands. With white influence came tribal corruption, and lying and greed made their appearance among the warriors and chiefs, which was something new to the Cherokee. The more traditional Cherokee (usually the full-bloods) migrated to the western reservation, and the Eastern Cherokee adopted white ways. In the 1806 treaty, the Cherokee ceded ten million acres, which is an area half as large as today’s South Carolina. The chief who negotiated the treaty, and got rich in the process of selling out his people, was assassinated by a faction of young men, led by a brave named Ridge. The chief was so hated that even his relatives did not mind his murder.

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By that time, Native Americans were virtually extinct in today’s Northeastern USA. was highly successful. William Henry Harrison, the governor of Indiana Territory, spent the first decade of the 19th century swindling the natives out of their treaty-provided lands, as he had been ordered to do. The great Shawnee leader Tecumseh tried uniting Native Americans against the white invaders. Tecumseh was at the , but his resistance was more to not let white men get any more Indian land. The natives he influenced were following Jefferson’s prescription: settle down and adopt the white man’s ways. Jefferson’s advice was apparently more on the rhetorical level, seeming impressive, but to be avoided in practice.

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Monroe was James Madison’s Secretary of State. Monroe led a brutal repression of a slave revolt in 1800. All those slave-owning presidents were highly aware of what had happened in Haiti and wanted no threat that American slaves might actually rise up and free themselves. As governor of Virginia, Monroe refined the system of keeping the slaves suppressed and less likely to revolt. Monroe presided over the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which extended slavery to southern North America as the empire expanded westward. Madison and Jefferson both approved of the measure. Monroe was a Revolutionary War veteran, and he got back into uniform and led American forces during the War of 1812. He became Madison’s Secretary of War after the British burned Washington, D.C. Four of the first five American presidents were land-grabbing, slave-owning empire-builders.