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It's a complicated story. Massachusetts law prohibited "orientation discrimination" over a decade ago. Then in November 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered gay marriage. The majority ruled that only animus against gay people could explain why anyone would want to treat opposite-sex and same-sex couples differently. That same year, partly in response to growing pressure for gay marriage and adoption both here and in Europe, a Vatican statement made clear that placing children with same-sex couples violates Catholic teaching.

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The contract obtained by the Vancouver Sun, however, has revealed that theprovince has agreed to give the Correns themselves an enormous amount ofinfluence and personal involvement, not only in designing the Grade 12 electivecourse, but over the entire curriculum, from K-12. Although no one knows justwhat changes are going to be made, it is clear that they are going to be muchmore sweeping than the mere introduction of the elective course.

Murray Corren has indicated that the new K-12 curriculum should include,“Queer history and historical figures, the presence of positive queer rolemodels -- past and present -- the contributions made by queers to variousepochs, societies and civilizations and legal issues relating to (lesbian, gay,bisexual, transgendered) people, same-sex marriage and adoption."

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Adoption rights, common law marriage rights, pension rights have all been granted, following the earlier bans against discrimination under all other human rights categories. The only one which remains is the prohibition against same sex marriage, the last legislated bastion of heterosexual exclusivity, but one that is being put to a legal challenge by no less than 19 gay couples, and the government of B.C. A majority of those surveyed in the Maclean’s/Global poll (54%) were either in favour of allowing gay marriage or neutral on the question (Nicol, December 25, 2000).