The benefits of password masking are more obvious:

There's another reason that passwords should be masked, which is quite simply that that is what people expect. Imagine some website decided to follow Nielsen's advice and just use a regular text field. A user would not be expecting that at all and could enter their password during a conference presentation or something by accident.

Bullies have taken to internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where the hide behind the anonymity provided by the internet to carry out their despicable acts. Young people also run the risk of inadvertently disclosing their personal information since on most occasions; they usually neglect to read carefully websites’ privacy policies. Whenever young people fail to read the policies and disclaimers, they are exposed to risks of having their personal information disclosed. This is especially a serious matter in light o the rising cases of cyber crimes such as identity theft. New studies reveal that social networks have the ability to sway people to spend money by running advertisements on the user’s page . Such forms of near-subliminal advertising can subconsciously cause an individual to buy certain merchandise.

That's a perfectly reasonable analysis and conclusion.

I agreed with the thought, for one basic reason.

In conclusion, getting a job requires a relevant education background and experience depending on the nature of job. One has to work on all aspects to find a appropriate job.

Step 3. Using connectors of purpose.

Hello Liz, My problem is when we provided with a question of “Solution giving” problem (not solution and cause) for writing task 2 should we write only solutions? Can’t we give the causes? I would be thankful if you will address my matter.

Step 5. Write: 53 topics to write about.

You must put your opinion in the introduction. Then you can add it to a body paragraph of the side you agree with or you have put it in a third body paragraph to explain it more fully. Both ways are fine. Don’t forget to re-state it in the conclusion.

Giving the user the option is, IMHO, a great idea.

Thanks Liz. I have another question. Is it alright to delay my opinion and mention it on the third paragraph of the essay? this is about discussing both views and citing your opinion. In developing my paragraph for this type of essay, I usually begin with the side that I contradict to. Then on the third paragraph, I usually write this way: However, I disagree because….. Is that a good structure?

I think the word you are looking for is "Policy".

2 – In a previous IELTS exam I faced with the the word “And” and it was a problem for me, lol. The question was something like that: Modern technology could help in reduce and preventing crime , do you agree or disagree.
I do not know if the question need two separate paragraphs (one for reducing and the other for preventing) or not …
If you could clarify it would be great.
Thank you again Liz

Anyway, thanks for sharing, it’s very useful,

No, it is asking which one is more important. You need to explain if you think the adv are more important than the disadv or the other way round. There are some tips for this type of question on the writing task 2 page.