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New Critical methods offered a method of dissecting poetry. These critical instruments were a way of competing with hard sciences on their own terms and by 1940s and 1950s New Criticism was part of the Establishment, perfectly natural.

One cannot survey the field of psychoanalytic literary criticism in a short essay.

(Relevant collections would be: Phillips 1957; Manheim and Manheim 1966;; Ruitenbeek 1964.)As psychoanalysts began to define the pre-oedipal stages--oral, anal, urethral, phallic--the range of fantasies that one could identify in a literary text expanded from oedipal triangles to fantasies about money, devouring and being devoured, going into dangerous places, fantasies about control, ambition, rage, and so on, as in Phyllis Greenacre's well-known studies of Swift and Carroll (Greenacre 1955) or Edmund Wilson's reading of Ben Jonson as an anal character (Wilson 1948) or Kenneth Burke's fine studies of Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, and "Kubla Khan" (Burke 1966a, b, c).

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Beauvoir alleges that psychoanalysis holds women to a fixed destiny,a developmental and teleological life process, precisely insofar as itdefines subjects with reference to a past beyond their control. By assigning to women an essence or determinateidentity, the psychoanalytic reliance on sexual categories once againrenders woman as the other to a subject rather than a subject herself,and thereby denies her existential freedom. In Beauvoir's view,however, if women are not themselves subjects, but that in contrastwith which men's subjectivities are constituted, they are stillfreely responsible for this situation, insofar as women collaborate inthis process by seeing themselves through the eyes of men, justifyingtheir existence through their romantic relationships, and attempting tomirror men's being. By casting women's otherness asan effect not only of their social situation (with its powerrelations), but also of their choices (and hence responsibility), Beauvoirpreserves women's freedom, unlike the psychoanalytic discoursethat she claims rejects “the idea of choice and the correlatedconcept of value” (Beauvoir 1989, 45).

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Extra Credit. Students may submit a limited number of extra credit assignments. Generally, students may earn up to 100 extra credit points per month (see assignment on Sakai). Examples: Attending a talk on one of the campuses that is relevant to the course material and submitting a brief written synopsis; doing a psycho-analysis of a relevant motion picture; doing extra research in the psychological and/or periodical literature.

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Psychoanalytic criticism may focus on the writer's psyche, the study of the creative process, the study of psychological types and principles present within works of literature, or the effects of literature upon its readers (Wellek and Warren, p.

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Nowadays, in literature classes or scholarly journals, you find discussions, not just of this or that poem or story or play or writer, but of gender, race, politics, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, all kinds of sciences, and, of course, of psychoanalysis.