The inside track on Washington politics.

As principal, Sherman makes investments, recommend deal to partners, consummate deals and sit on the Board. With the assistance of my associates, he does:

A stolen bag of money sets a cast of reprobates on an all to well-trodden path.

Sherman is the Principal of the Entertainment division of 1337 Ventures. 1337 Ventures, in partnership with Sherman3D, makes investments in the entertainment space.

The inside track on Washington politics.

The Viennese-born actress was known for her sultry looks but was also a brilliant inventor.

Sombra, Athena, Liao in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch game are greatly anticipated. They are discussed in this YouTube talk show hosted by Sherman Chin. Summary: Sombra is the most anticipated character in Overwatch. Her name means Shadow in Spanish. She is rumored to be Amari who is one of the founders of the Overwatch […]