Helpful information to cover in a workshop includes:

While the process of helping ELLs get on the path to college may be daunting, the rewards for you and the student can be invaluable. You may be able to help students in ways you and they had never imagined. ELL teachers have a unique opportunity to make a difference in students' lives by taking some extra time to connect them with the resources that will get them on their way to a brighter future. Every journey begins with a single step, and you might be just the person who can help your students make that first step happen.

State programs will vary; for example, New York State (NYS) has the:

Understanding the differences between kinds of institutions: ELLs may not be familiar with the difference between , as well as the difference between public and private schools. Depending on their financial situation, family structure, and academic success, they may consider one kind of school rather than another. Many community colleges offer Instant Admission days where students simply show their high school transcript and can get an immediate answer about acceptance. Maintaining good grades at a community college for two years can open the door to a four-year college, but it's important that students find mentors at the community college who will be able to help them navigate through that transition process once they are ready.

Organizations dedicated to helping minority students include:

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Choosing a course of study: Students may not be ready to choose a major when they enter college, and they need to know that that's ok! It is quite common for students not to declare a major when they matriculate; as they take general education classes and electives they will get a better idea of what they are good at and what they would enjoy doing as a career. Work with your high school counselors to give ELLs interest inventories so they can get an idea of possible fields of study that will be a good fit once they get to college.

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It is very important that ELLs enroll in demanding courses that will prepare them to attend college. High school counselors need to work closely with ELL students to develop an educational course plan to ensure that students meet the requirements for college admission. Teachers of ELLs can collaborate with counselors to make sure that students and their families understand this process and its importance. Some ELLs may enroll in high school with minimal English language skills, and it may take five years to complete all the necessary requirements because of the time needed to learn English. These students especially need a detailed course plan to make sure they have the correct number of math, science, and language arts classes required for college acceptance.

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Another area of concern has been the two-year language requirement of some colleges. For many ELLs this isn't feasible; however, some high schools and colleges may count ESL classes or native language proficiency towards these requirements. Check with your school's guidance counselor in order to learn which requirements apply to your students.

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Writing student essays: ELL teachers can help students think about strong topics for their student essays. One common recommendation is that students reflect on the challenges they have faced in their personal or academic life in their essay. This may also be the only place where students can explain low grades or test scores.