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I shook things up. I worked like I have never worked before to create meaningful lessons. Loved my students. So very stressed. I would actually drug myself with Tylenol PM at night because I wouldn't be able to turn off my mind. Never really slept, spent at least 10 hours a day at work. Cried, scared, just trying to survive. But oddly, I loved it. I loved teaching. My coworkers were awesome; we collaborated and worked so hard to help our students. I learned so much in that 1.5 years. Made great relationships with my kids and their parents. I truly loved what I was doing. I was making roughly 31K a year. I actually received an "Outstanding Teaching Award" that first year, given to three teachers in our school annually. I did work other jobs during the summer; one being summer school (yuck) and other educational programs. I also worked at a center for autism teaching a variety of kids. Rumor was that the teacher I was long-term subbing for wasn't planning on returning and I wanted to keep my job. He did end up returning, my principal tried to shake things up with staff to keep me but it was a year of district-wide cuts and I was the last hired, so I was let go. Devastated.

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I started at West Philly High weeks after riots had caused the third floor to be permanently shut off to students. I went up to the third floor a few weeks after I started and it looked like a ghost town. Classrooms with full classroom sets of textbooks still in desks. Lessons still written on the chalkboards. It was creepy. I was working towards my Masters in Special Education and my first assignment at West was to work with small groups of students in a Resource Setting, in order to help them make progress in the general education setting. I worked hard in this position, but unfortunately was force transferred from my school at the end of the year because I was the last person placed at the school. I site selected to University City High School. At UCHS, I taught everything from Corrective Reading to Algebra to Spanish. The school was in turmoil and has since been shuttered. The teachers, for the most part, cared deeply about the students and worked really hard to build real relationships with the students from one of the poorer areas of Philadelphia. UCHS was a school that was originally built for upwards of 2000 students. At the time I worked there the student population hovered at around 900. There were hallways that were blocked off, a balcony that overlooked a common area that was not to be used by students. There were rooms that were not used for years. When I moved into one classroom it had not been used in 12 years. The teacher next door and I found all sorts of filmstrips and super 8's from the 1970's. UCHS had its problems and within 2 years I was looking for a new position after the school district changed the program of the school to one of the Renaissance model schools.

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Find a real teacher, and you may open yourself to transformation — to discovering who you might become.

Business is a very common area for many people to study before becoming a teacher, especially if you are wanting to teach higher level or college courses. If you can handle a board room, you’ll have no problem handling a classroom. Many leadership strategies can be easily transferred from an office setting to a school setting, and as a bonus, a business degree will show potential employers that you’re well-educated and not afraid of hard work. It takes time and talent to obtain an MBA, so you won’t be written off like other candidates without a strong educational background.

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In order to become a science teacher in California you must have a college or university four-year degree, establish subject matter competency in your chosen discipline area (biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics) and complete an accredited credential program. Subject matter competency can be established by passing a standardized subject matter test in your area visit for testing information. Subject matter competency may also be established by completing a commission-approved science subject matter preparation program.

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There's no real reason a charter school is "better" other than perception. They don't have any standards that they have to meet, and they can get away with paying teachers way less than public schools.

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So you think you want to become a science teacher? You can. The demand for science teachers throughout the nation has never been greater. While preparation is demanding, the rewards of becoming a life-long science teacher are endless. There are a number of things you need to learn and can start doing to make science teaching your career. First, visit for an on-line tour on the rules of the road for becoming a science teacher in California. You may also want to vist the CTC at for further information on credentialing. Finally, click onto the at the Career Center to start preparing now.