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In 1986, the public was strongly warned not to give aspirin to folksunder age 18 except when it's specifically helpful (Kawasaki's,juvenile rheumatoid arthritis).

When the liver finally gives up completely, REFRACTORY HYPOTENSION supervenes from total-body vascularrelaxation (which we can suppose is due to the failureof the liver to metabolize some vasodilator, most likely one that's not yetbeen discovered.) Nothing you can do will save the patient.

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Ground-glass hepatocytes: Those caused by hepatitis B virus infection stain positive with * orcein, * Victoria blue, and the appropriate immunostain.

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Usually results either from submassive necrosis (i.e., whole lobules were destroyed), or (much more often) progression of another type of cirrhosis to the end stage (micronodular and macronodular no long mean anything as nodules coalesce).

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* Pathologists only: "Incomplete septal cirrhosis" is stabilized (regressing?)macronodular cirrhosis with only thin fibrousbands and really no nodules.

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instead of demonstrating hepatojugular reflux,you can now use a high-tech device to assess the "stiffness" of the liver,which is of course increased in the living when they have congestive heartfailure in the absence of co-existing cirrhosis (Radiology 257: 872, 2010).

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Don't worry, the liver will completely regenerate (since its connective tissue framework is still intact.) If hepatic congestion and underperfusion have been extreme and longstanding, the rareCARDIAC SCLEROSIS may supervene.

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As a matter of fact, a rehabilitated alcoholic's micronodular liver will, after a few years of sobriety, exhibit enough large regenerative nodules to qualify as macronodular.

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* That cardiac cirrhosis is real has recently been demonstratedby a study of people who have undergone the Fontan procedure, in which the rightventriclar pulse is transmitted directly to the hepatic veins.

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* In cardiac cirrhosis, the central veins may become connected to one another, leaving "reverse lobulation", each with a single portal tract in the middle.