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This essay is dedicated to the memory of and , two great men whom it was an immense privilege to know and who spent their lives in a quest for healing this world. I miss them.

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During the Cambrian Explosion, an ecosystem developed in which life on the sea floor, surface, and water column all interacted for the first time. All but one of were energy dynamics, as the environment provided either too much or too little energy, and the nutrient hypothesis () will be revisited numerous times in this essay. A lack of nutrients, mineral and otherwise, always meant that the energy-driven dynamics that delivered the nutrients were curtailed. If enough energy is properly applied, all nutrients can be abundant.

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It is then immersed in the Bagmati river before it is finally cut into small pieces and burned inside a shrine.

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Mani Rimdu is a festival that is celebrated only in the mountainous regions of Nepal.