Robert Louis Stevenson began writing during the Victorian era

For even more detail about the life of Robert Louis Stevenson, you can read , a complete biography of RLS written by Jeremy Hodges and published exclusively as an e-text on this site.

Profiles of members of Robert Louis Stevenson's family and their influence on the writer.

This book collects essays of Robert Louis Stevenson, including selections from Across the Plains (1892) and Essays of Travel (1911).

Amber Precast – Robert louis stevenson essay on writing

Robert Louis Stevenson, Selected Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson, Li2Go edition, (2012), accessed February 27, 2018, .

(Robert Louis Stevenson, from An Object of Pity, jointly written by Stevenson, his family and friends as a joke [privately printed in Sydney in 1892], quoted in Stuart Campbell RLS in Love [Dingwall: Sandstone Press, 2009], pp. 41-42).