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Some well-known organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities or the ¡Adelante! Fund are dedicated to assisting Hispanic and Latino students when it comes to paying for college. Though Hispanic and Latino scholarships are numerous, ethnicity should not be the singular feature highlighted when searching for a scholarship. Whether it is ethnicity, a at which you excel, or a , strong academics are always encouraged. Many factors contribute to winning a scholarship, and chances in winning can be increased when combining and adding more appealing elements. That is why we encourage students to conduct a to find all the scholarships in our database for which you qualify.

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To date, with a major network of restaurants and affiliates, McDonald’s has awarded more than $40 million in scholarships. Top academic achievers are awarded grants according to their grade point average, community involvement, leadership skills, and/or financial need. Veterans and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. McDonald’s is affiliated with philanthropic chapters, such as Ronald McDonald House Charities to assist employees, children, students, and needy families.

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On the meat front, McDonald’s has been a leading influence in revolutionizing how animals are raised. In order to sell the greatest amount of meat at the lowest possible price, the practice of factory farming came into being. I used to say that if a person visited a slaughterhouse and saw what was done to animals to produce their tasty burgers, bacon, and hot dogs, most people would become on the spot. Today with factory farming, people only need to visit where the animals to become vegetarians.