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I think a greater emphasis needs to be placed upon the human element within the process. I agree with Max in that these systems, though not perfect, are built in order to make it as hard as possible for attackers to break, and have for the most part been successful - no security system is ever going to be fool proof outside of the lab, but what you can do is design systems that manage and control the risk to as high a degree as possible. Max's figure of 10000$ loss from Swiss institutions highlights this. No the system has not been flawless, but if it protects against the greatest possible percentage of attacks then this is a bad day for the crackers and a good day for the banks.

Occasionally, there are reasons for building a network without a router

I do agree that it is very difficult to implement a two factor authentication system using digital certificates. But how are the people going to save their hard earned money without putting some effort of getting educated about the technology we professionals build.

How to Build a Wireless Home Network without a Router?

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Alternatively, as the question title suggests, you can use cascading routers by leaving the setup on the top floor as it is, and plugging its cable to the middle floor router (the blue one in your image) into its WAN port instead of its LAN port. This will create two seperate networks within your building. If I understand your question correctly, this is the opposite of what you want, in which case making the middle floor router the 'main router' is the opposite of what you need and your current setup is the correct one.

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