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Marshall struck again at States’ rights in McCulloch v. Maryland (1824), determining that unelected directors acting in their own self-interest could establish national banks with the States and yet remain exempt from State regulation. The whole decision was a national scam that profited big banks and expansion of government by unelected leaders. I have covered this case in my article .

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This fear materialized quickly after the Federalist proponents pressured the States to adopt Constitution. Within a mere fifteen years the nationalist John Marshall framed the system and then decided the very case he framed—Marbury v. Madison (1803)—in favor of the nationalists against the Jeffersonians. The decision established the doctrine euphemized as “judicial review” where the Supreme Court can essentially legislate through their decisions.

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A brief biography of Samuel Johnson is a difficult task, but here we go. Samuel Johnson's life covers many points, but it's a story about overcoming considerable adversity, to ultimately become one of the best known men of his age.

Samuel Gray was the first man fired upon in the Boston Massacre

Prominent among their concerns was fear that a Supreme Court would create a path to tyranny (especially of the wealthy over the common man). “Candidus,” attributed to Samuel Adams, warned that it would “occasion innumerable controversies; as almost every cause (even those originally between citizens of the same State) may be so contrived as to be carried to this federal court.” This means, effectively, the end of State sovereignty, for a partisan Court could construe any decision, an that decision would stand for every State.

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The plan of government now proposed [the Constitution] is evidently calculated totally to change, in time, our condition as a people. Instead of being thirteen republics, under a federal head, it is clearly designed to make us one consolidated government.… This consolidation of the states has been the object of several men in this country for sometime past. Whether such a change… can be effected without convulsions and civil wars; whether such a change will not totally destroy the liberties of this country—time only can determine.

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One of them, writing under the pseudonym “The Federal Farmer” (possibly Richard Henry Lee), foresaw the direction of centralizing power as a departure from a free society, but also as the long-term agenda of a few ambitious leaders:

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While problems can arise also under a decentralized system of freedom, these will not compare to the tyrannies that grow from the opposite. Candidus warns that we must “distinguish between the evils that arise from extraneous causes and our private imprudencies, and those that arise from our government.”