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The big payoff is the Battle of the Bands, and inevitably all of the angry parents are in the front row, but the movie stays true, if not to its school, at least to rock 'n' roll, and you have a goofy smile most of the time.

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Mr. Linklater, who directed the underappreciated rock-driven high school movie ''Dazed and Confused'' 10 years ago, recognizes that for most Americans between 15 and 50, American history and rock history are virtually synonymous. But the movie is not entirely adult-friendly. Instead of touting parental rock favorites like the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Eagles, its heart belongs to the cruder stuff: the raw, pumping charge of AC/DC and Metallica.

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Humanities 1020 Criticial Thinking Unit 1 Essay I chose the movie School of Rock which is

It was not expected to meet too much resistance since Arkansas was considered a fairly progressive southern state.custom essaysA crisis erupted, however, when Governor of Arkansas Orval Faubus called out the National Guard on September 4 to prevent the Little Rock Nine from attending high school.”(from Wikipedia)This case was solved only because of direct interference of the US president Eisenhower, who enforced federal courts to solve this issue and promote desegregation of public education.