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Focusing on Huxley’s Brave New World and Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, explore and compare the ways in which Power and Control are presented.

Grade A, 1st Year, College, English Literature

Discover more about Seamus Heaney on the BBC Poetry Season website.

He studied at Queen's University, Belfast and spent some years teaching. In 1965 he married Marie Devlin, and went on to lecture on poetry at his old university, Queen's, for six years (1966 - 72).

It has often been said that to understand the adult one should...

Victimisation is an essential theme to these three texts. It is responsible...

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Winter Swans | Teaching English

Compare and contrast the theme of loss in ‘Disabled’ (1917) by Wilfred Owen and ‘Out-out’ (1916) by Robert Frost.

IGCSE English Literature Section B Year 11
Section B Coursework, Graded A*

Posts about Winter Swans written by Emma Lee ..

“Comedy, nonetheless attempts to throw a normalising arm around all and sundry, through resolutions that feel pleasing precisely because they reinforce what we’ve been taught about the natural order of things.”

To what extent does the ending of Jerusalem reinforce the ‘natural’ order?

Grade A, 1st Year, College, English Literature