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I find the distinction between the interception of domestic-US and international messages somewhat disingenuous - I remember reading about an arrangement between the US and non-US Echelon operators. To sum it up, the Brits would do the eavesdropping on American (including domestic communications) for us and we would return the favor for them. No US law would be broken.

Lebsock, Suzanne.  Richmond: The Virginia Women's Cultural History Project, 1984.

Graham, I very much would love to connect with you deeper on this. I hope this is the proper vessel to manifest this request. I experienced a truly powerful death of my body ( I suffer /suffered from fibromyalgia) during the eclipse weekend at Tipper’s 4321 event. I discovered Cahokia, totally unknown to me before and I believe I am unlocking the mysteries of how they disappeared and the knowledge they transmited on their time on earth. We were at the point of longest totality and viewing conditions in Astral Valley, MO. This parallel is absolutely profound to me, hearing that you experienced these seizures after studying north American ancient culture! I am a writer and anthropologist as well. I studied mainly south American archeology and Buddhism with my undergraduate degree. After the death of my body/pain experience, I have an abundance of clarity and feel like my brain has been WORKING for the first time ever. Truly profound spiritual activation.

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Ransome, David R. "Wives for Virginia, 1621."  3rd. ser., XLVIII (1991):3-18.

The universe bestows life upon who it chooses for some reason. Little baby’s kids etc die from cancers buried by mud slides etc, while in the mean time some sickos within society live nice long life could go on and on but really the universe do not give a poop it dictates what it wants and we slaves to it. After all once hunger sets in people animals will do all types of weird stuff. This universe just a speck. I get sick of people trying to make it sound like some wonderful fantastic fantasy land when it is what it is land of the dead all types of different ways to die. Well me just been a funeral she dead at 58 bowl cancer. Universe didn’t care then . Even though she got children and grandchildren she wanted to see grow up but noooooo universe mother nature what ever you want to call it had other plans. We all slaves to the body’s whims whins hunger old age aches in pains with a little bit of pleasure tossed in.

Here is an article you may find intriguing.

When I heard that you were seriously unwell and that we might lose you, a sadness rushed over me. I am 34 years old and in all my life I can count on one hand the people that have educated, inspired and touched me in the way that you have. Besides yourself I count on this list: David Attenborough, Ray Mears, Noam Chomsky and my dad so I trust that you feel in safe company there!

Now read the first three comments again.

Graham, so glad your ok. Your work has changed how I view the world. You are inspirational, please continue to bring truth to the masses. Sorry to hear about your Migraines, I suffer to and they suck. The frequency of mine reduced significantly when I started taking Feverfew. Have you tried this herb?

Wishing you all the love in the world, you are an amazing man.

Getter better soon and baffel us in the near future with more out of the box thinking.
More and more researchers are following into your footsteps, be proud of that achievement.

All the best mate get well and keep researching

Finish your brilliant career work!!!! you inspired so many people including me!!!! Thank you for existing!!!!
I hope you get well enough to gives your scientific inputs for a long long time!!! Go to Peru and visit the bodies they found whose DNA are not humans!!! The mummies Maria, ETC…

I wish you the best, looking forward towards your new book.

I wouldn’t be surprised if what you experienced was deliberate weaponized chat bots, an example of which is the Twitter Microsoft chatbot that turned racist. Those aren’t reality, it seems that this comment section is though. Wishing you well.