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Shakespeare's Englishcontemporaries would seldom or never see a real Jew (they had been expelledfrom England in 1280), andthe "stage Jew" of the time was an evil, comic figure.

1600-1601. Shakespeare is thought to have composed arguably his greatest play, at this time.

A glossary of afflictions appears at the end of the essay.
: Discussion of Shakespeare's allusions to Scripture.: Discussion of the role of singers, instrumentalists, and dancers in Shakespeare's plays.

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The young school-kids at this early afternoon show certainly appreciated Peaseblossom’s fifty-minute walking-tour of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, told – as are Tim Crouch’s handful of other Shakespeare adaptations for young audiences – entirely from the angle of various minor characters. Walking in a literal sense, as, before the show proper begins, Crouch wanders through the crowded rows, mumbling like a demented train-spotter before mounting the steps to the stage, giving a fairy blessing to everything his little eye spies. Later, to everyone’s delight, he walks over the rows of seating, precariously balancing himself, to distribute props and do some buttering-up of an already appreciative audience. Hands shoot up all over the place when he asks for volunteers to play Titania and Oberon and the other pairs of lovers.

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1597. Shakespeare buys the New Place, one of Stratford’s most preeminent homes. This fuels speculation today by some academics that William was really a successful businessman and not literature’s celebrated playwright.

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1595. A busy year for Shakespeare as he is thought to have composed performed that very same year,, thought to be composed for a wedding and the greatest love story of all time,

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1594. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, a theatre troupe including distinguished actor Richard Burbage and comic Will Kemp performs with Shakespeare in their group.

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1593. Shakespeare begins to compose the first of what will amount to a 154 sonnet collection. His narrative poem is his first ever published.

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1585-1592. Shakespeare is believed to have left his family in Stratford to join a company of actors as both playwright and performer, starting his career in theatre.

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This essay maintains that evidence against Shakespeare is weak and that there is no reason to doubt that William Shakespeare of Stratford was indeed the author of the plays and sonnets.