"Give me liberty or give me death!"

On April 16, theSoutheastern Legal Foundation (SLF) released a report claiming 21 percentof McKinney's 1999-2000 campaign contributions of over $101 came from Arabor Middle-Eastern-connected individuals and organizations.

Britain's General Gage had a secret plan.

At least a million civilians, half of them children, have since died in Iraqas a result of a medieval embargo imposed by the United States and Britain.

But spies and friends of the Americans leaked word of Gage's plan.

– Paul Revere, "Account of Midnight Ride to Lexington" (1775)

The difficult questions are: Did Governor Jeb Bush, his Secretaryof State Katherine Harris, and her Director of Elections, Clayton Roberts,know they had wrongly barred 22,000 black, Democrat voters before the elections?

Hamilton’s essays appeared in the October 1778.

Having merged with L-3, MPRI, in November 2000, created its own sub-division,the Alexandria Group, which, in its own words "will provide the highest qualityeducation, training & organisational expertise to law enforcement & around the world"..adding that it is staffed by lawenforcement professionals headed by retired FBI Assistant Director JosephR.

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This was certainly a broadening of its professed earlier aimswhich were, understandably,martial in nature - as confirmed by the following quote from MPRI’swebsite: "The company’s business focus is on military matters, to increasetraining, equiping, force design & management, professional development,concepts & doctrine, organisational & operational assistance, quickreaction military contractual support, and democracy transition assistanceprograms for the military forces of emerging republics".

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Having already noted the clonalrelationship between the US Administration and MPRI, it is clearly apparentthat this noteworthy merger would not - to put it mildly - have occurredwithout the former’s permission.

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To quote Forbes magazine of 7th July ‘02: "Lanza is capitalisingon the dramatic change in military strategy over the last decade" (see‘Airland 2000 Battle’ above) - to say nothing of the increase inthe Defense Department’s 2000 budget.

Jacob Ernest Cooke, (New York: Scribner’s, 1982), 22–26.

America is thus ignoring President Eisenhower’s warning to the Americanpeople in his farewell address when, in his reference to what he termed this‘military-industrial complex’, he warned that "the potential forthe disastrous rise of misplaced power exists - and will persist".