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My own view is that the Western leaders were responsible for protecting democratic values that we enjoy today while the Soviet leadership’s ideology, aggressive and expansionist intrusions were mainly responsible for the development of the Cold War....

[; ] Daniel Ellsberg declares that he had given the Pentagon study of the Vietnam war to the press.

[] : Ron Kovic, a US Marine paralyzed from the chest down in the Vietnam war, addresses the Democratic National Convention in New York which had convened in New York to nominate Jimmy Carter for the presidency of the United States.

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Vietnam veterans against the war and Congressman Ron Dellums discuss their concerns regarding the war and veterans rights.

Prior to Vietnam, Wars were in black and white footage,
The Civil War was recorded in black and white photos
The 1st World War, in grainy, jerky movies of armies,
The 2nd World War introduced some color in the footage,
And even included photos of the dead bodies
Washing ashore after an invasion from the sea,
All of this before television became the media of choice,
Bring America the Vietnam War in living color.
Complete with all the blood and gore of war;
Accompanied by the sound track of dying, frightened boys,
Waiting for that helicopter, which never came.

Prior to Vietnam, the Government censored wars,
For good reason, for wars were brutal, bloody, and vile,
And dead Americans cannot be sanitized nor sainted,
Their are no words to justify the destruction and death
Of the young boys whose bodies are so desecrated,
Torn up and broken into bloody pieces of human meat,
Ground up and callously spit out in the madness of war.

Night after night after night on the network news,
Just in time for dinner, came the reports from Vietnam,
From frightened correspondents in the jungle battlefield,
Surrounded by the American limp, lifeless bodies,
Being loaded into helicopters like sacks of garbage,
Stacked on each other so as to conserve space and room,
There are no dignified deaths in war...
There is no way to eliminate the blood and death,
No say to deny the killing and bloodshed,
No way to justify...the horrendous human cost.

Yet, there is something that seems to fascinate us,
Draws viewers to the screen night after night to the news,
In the comfort and safety of their own homes, they watch
The efforts of America to wage war across the sea,
In a faraway land; for a vague, ignoble, forgotten cause,
A war, which over the years, has finally lost its reality,
And now, rings a broken bell.

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Curtis D Bennett is an outstanding, modern war poet. His poems are powerful, incisive, sometimes shocking, deeply thoughtful and deeply felt. He reflects not only on his own war experience (as an American pilot and a marine on the ground in Vietnam) but on previous, recent and current wars. Some poems develop into essays on war. He writes from experience and deep reflection. He is a voice worth listening to, a voice that should be heard. He has written six remarkable books of poetry. We are privileged to be able to present some of his poems on this website.

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Lyndon Johnson in his address announcing this action contends that "Our air strikes from the beginning have been aimed at military targets and have been controlled with the greatest of care." []May 6, 1966: A California State Senate subcommittee issue a 153 page report that accuses University of California President Clark Kerr for having permitted the infiltration of communists, leading to "left wing domination of the Berkeley campus." According to the article about the report, the campus portrayed by the five member subcommittee was a "montage of obscene entertainment, marijuana smoking, homosexuality, and plotting, much of it by nonstudents, against the war in Vietnam." []May 13, 1966: Ronald Reagan, candidate for California governor, demands a legislative investigation of alleged Communism and sexual misconduct at UC Berkeley.

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Most Americans couldn’t even tell you where Vietnam was on a map much less why we sent so many soldiers to fight a civil war half way around the world because most Americans did not think that communism was not an immediate threat....