How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay of a Short Story?

To write a good critical analysis of a short story you first need to understand the question that has been stated in the assignment. Your analysis should be addressed to this question. Once you feel that you understand the main point, read the story again and do not forget to make some notes. After that you should look through all the notes you have made and consider what bonds you can make to the main question you stated. That would help you form your main claim, in other words – the thesis statement. To support your claim, you have to find pieces of evidence in the text of a short story and use them as the quotations in your body paragraphs.

A critical analysis of the short story should include ..

Do not be afraid to express your own views, be critical and feel free to judge the story. The analysis essay is where the opinions count. Therefore, if you think that the author conveyed the meaning consistently, feel free to say so. However, if the clarity is lacking or the meaning is lost in the places, you should mention that and explain why that is so.

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Short Story Analysis Essay Examples

Like every analysis essay, the short story analysis should end with a conclusion that will restate your thesis statement, and also include a short restatement of the key evidence, as well as provide the sense of a closure. The best way to finalize the essay is to make a certain claim about the main idea of a short story and to suggest the way in which this idea you have discussed relates to some global aspects and themes.