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I have a notion that our Pope is making these changes so as to get the practices of the Latin Church closer to the Orthodox Church. Gonna be tuff but it will happen. Maybe in my 20 year old daughter’s lifetime. It is just a notion.

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Today, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Pope Francis celebrated the Mass inaugurating his Petrine ministry, receiving the papal pallium and the Fisherman’s Ring. Below is the full text of the Holy Father’s homily, translated by

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One of the biggest errors of faithful and traditional Catholics is that they still give money to their Church, while they can know that this money will be used for liberal causes. We and a number of other families have stopped doing that. We don’t give them a penny anymore and we encourage others to follow the same line of conduct. We use this money now to support traditional(ist) organizations and pro-life and other charities which are completely and unambiguously Catholic. We have come to realize that the only real influence of faithful laity in the Church is by means of the “power of the purse” so to say. The only thing which can force the hierarchs to change course is money. They always follow the money! Therefore we consider it to be our responsibility to point out to them what the conditions are if they want to receive our dollars. And I can tell you, it helps!

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And they have every reason to be VERY, VERY unhappy with Cardinal Cupich, given his embrace of and strong support for the long-since-discredited “seamless garment” falsehoods spouted by his predecessor once-removed as Archbishop of Chicago, the late, unlamented Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (whose legacy the “Chicago Catholic” (Archdiocesan newspaper) celebrated last November, on the 20th anniversary of Bernardin’s death (of cancer)), and given his gutting of Catholic participation in 40 Days for Life in the Archdiocese of Chicago in the last couple of years. (The only difference between what he did here and what he did in Spokane is that, in Chicago, he did not issue a PUBLIC edict to his priests not to participate in 40 Days for Life; but he most certainly did issue that edict to all the Archdiocesan priests privately, and not for publication.)

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As someone who used to work for a pro-life organization, I can tell you that most pro-life leaders in the United States are (to put it mildly) very unhappy with Cardinal Cupich. It would have been crazy for the bishops to have elected someone that most pro-life leaders (the majority of whom are Catholic and many of whom are generous donors to the Church as well as to a wide array of pro-life charities) can’t work with — not to mention the legions of pro-life Catholics in the pew, most of whom know very well which of the bishops really support them and their work. Why this is not getting any attention, I don’t know. But I do know that a lot of pro-life leaders were aghast at the idea of Cardinal Cupich being elected to that position. Surely the bishops all know this and took it into account.