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I’m the single parent of a three year old. One of my married friends had a baby, now a year old, and the storied battle that ensued over what this child’s name should be made me grateful for the complete authorial control I had over naming my child. That said, I think it’s much harder than I imagined, economically and emotionally. Another income would make us much more financially secure. Another person would mean (at least, I think it would mean) that I wasn’t always the one saying no and that I could sometimes go for a walk unencumbered. I have a lot of supports and she has a lot of people besides me who love her, but I do think it would be great for her to have another face to see every morning besides mine (and if it were the right face and the right person, that would be nice for me, too). Still– I’d take single parenting over a bad relationship any day.

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