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When asked what I believe, I find this to be a difficult question to answer. My beliefs are constantly challenged at every turn, and everything I do seems to be compromised in some way. So what do I believe? I believe in my own personal strength, I believe in my ability to persevere through the challenges that life throws at me. Bad things happen; I have a life of misfortune and seem to always be in a constant state of stress. However, the one thing that has always happened, and the one thing I always believe will happen, is that I will pull through. Recently I lost someone close to me, someone who has been there for more than half my life. Most people may not understand, because who I lost was my pet, Drako. He was a lizard, as a kid I always loved dinosaurs and dragons, but knew they were not real. So I wanted to get a pet lizard, at first an iguana, my mother said no, then a chameleon, and my mother agreed. I got excited to get my new pet, and we got a phone call from my mother’s friend. She had a lizard that needed a home, he was young, he had personality, and I could have him. This was Drako, and to make things even better, Drako was a bearded dragon, I had my own dragon. I was nine years old, I am twenty now. Drako passed a week ago at the time of this essay. He was the one thing I truly wanted as a child, and he has been with me for most of my life, and now he is gone. This has taken a toll on me that I cannot put into words. It is easily said that a part of me went with Drako when he passed. My compassion and drive of late, has been less than desirable. I struggle to get motivated, I walk past his empty cage and my eyes fall to the ground. Even now, writing this essay, I lose focus and want to walk away. But I will pull through, I always do. I know it may seem silly to be this upset over a lizard; I do not try and convince others to understand. Death has always hit me hard though, and the death of something so precious to me is not a pain that I know how to deal with. What do I believe? Life is cruel, it is unfair and will take things that are dear to you. At the same time, this cruelty, and the unfairness, make the things that precious to me, mean so much more that I still have them. I believe in my strength, and I believe that no matter what happens, I will pull through, this I believe.

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Thus, we find that as Anzaldua talks about the oppression of minorities and women, and especially those women who are in the minority groups, she is right in being apprehensive about how things would work out for people like her. In the past we have seen much unfairness being directed against such people but at the same time we have also seen them progress with their social activism. All credit goes to the people who are courageous enough to face their problems and brave enough to have their voices heard for a change to occur.

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(3) Schools, in teaching "reading," predominantly teach fiction, andstudents concentrate on plot, possible character development, setting,etc. These are often something of surface issues, and fiction lends itselfto skimming or reading quickly with only minor reflection about each passage. However, at least some of the SAT passages, such as the one above, aremore in the form of essays or editorial pieces, more or less well or poorlywritten or argued, and they require reflection as one reads them. Students who have not had much practice analyzing essays for their logicand their merit, which requires understanding their points and their constructionand purpose, are at a serious disadvantage in reading these sorts of passages. This is an important skill to have in college (and in life), but most schools,teachers, and curricula do not teach it. Therefore the College Boardtests often weed out students who have not had opportunities to learn orpractice analyzing and interpreting essays, and making it mistakenly seemthey have some lack of ability, rather than lack of exposure and training. That essentially consigns a large population of students to the educationalbackwaters rather than helping them get the kind of education they needand from which they actually could learn and benefit.