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Essay, 1898, of William Baird of Essex County, Virginia, entitled “The Dismemberment of Virginia.” Baird’s essay recounts the events leading up to Virginia’s participation in the American Civil War with the Virginia Convention of 1861, other events which followed include the Campaign for West Virginia and the later admission of the state to the Union in 1863.

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Spies were certainly some of the most important people during the Civil War.

Hill (1821-1889), of North Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia, consisting of military papers and correspondence including commissions, orders, troop returns, and maps; academic correspondence and papers from Hill’s time as a professor of mathematics at Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia, and at Davidson College in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and from his tenure as president of Arkansas Industrial University (now the University of Arkansas) in Little Rock, Arkansas, and as president of the Georgia Military and Agricultural College in Milledgeville, Georgia; personal correspondence with family, friends, and former colleagues of the Confederate army, containing reminiscences of service in the Mexican and Civil Wars, and personal business; also includes receipts, articles, clippings, poetry, essays, deeds, drawings (including one of the North Carolina Military Institute), transcripts, subscription lists to Hill’s magazine Land We Love, obituaries (including one of Hill), speeches, reports, and letter books.

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For example, the names of the spies of the Civil War were made unavailable to the public well into the 1930's.


Notebook, 1861-1862, of Ella Beville (1847-1932) of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, containing an essay on the cause of the Civil War; obituaries for Anna Maria Beville (1842-1862) of Dinwiddie County and James T.