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OSHA’s personal protective equipment (PPE) standard requires employers to assess the workplace to determine if hazards
are present, which may necessitate the use of PPE. Based on the assessment, appropriate PPE must be selected and
provided to affected employees.
Using Subpart I Appendix B as a guide, develop a hazard assessment for your workplace or a workplace with which you are
familiar. If you work in an office, or if you work in another non-hazardous location, develop an assessment for an imagined
industrial shop such as woodworking or metalworking. Use the other sections of Subpart I to help determine the appropriate
PPE for each hazard. You can also use online safety equipment catalogs to find examples of PPE that meet the OSHA
Your submission must be a minimum of two pages in length (double-spaced). Begin your case study with an engaging
opening statement that connects the reader to the case study. References and citations in APA format should be provided
to support the hazard determinations and PPE selection. The reference page does not count toward meeting the two-page

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But there was something extremely weird going on here (I mean even more weird than hood scratches causing images!) These scratches have random spacing. They seemed to be functioning as holograms without the benefit of optical interference. This is impossible of course, since holography is completely based upon interference effects. However, the allows a hologram to function regardless of illumination frequency. The optical bench for the classic single-stage "Rainbow" holography setup includes a horizontal slit which produces relatively large horizontal swatches of fine-line interference patterns on the film (figure A above.) The recorded interference pattern encodes the depth information as variations in orientation of the fringes across the stripe. In Benton's Rainbow Holograms, The fringe spacing (wavelength) is not. Once I was clued in by the existence of the car-hood holograms, I realized that I could interpret Benton's white-light technique as allowing holograms to function regardless of *fringe spacing.* Frequency-independence leads to size-independence of fringes, figure B above. Nobody seems to realize that a Rainbow Hologram will still function even when the spacing of its fringes was made random. Or even if it were to be made immensely large.

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Margins, font, line spacing, header, info block, title, indentation, block quote, Works Cited. standard margins for essays Take a deep breath, buy.