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The arguments against stem cell research are mostly based on ethical aspects of the research. In earlier stages of research, arguments against stem cell research were based on the arguments that stem cells were taken from aborted embryos (Kelly, 2007). This aspect of research was met with a lot of debate against the researchers. However, with the advent of easier and more acceptable means of accessing the stem cells, such arguments are no longer valid. Additionally, some people argue that stem cell research can be misused by scientists to come up with other human beings, which is against God’s will. However, this argument presents a hurdle for scientists who want to help patients. It is important to understand that most scientists are focused on creating solutions to help patients and thus the probability of misuse should deter the whole exercise. Additionally, other arguments presented state that adult stem cells cannot be used for creation of specialized cells. As compared to the advantages of stem cell research, these arguments do not provide enough basis for discarding this research.

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Stem cells are divided into two groups namely, pluripotent, totipotent and multipotent. A pluripotent stem cell has the capability of developing into any cell in the adult human body. Totipotent stem cells have the ability to develop into any cell in the human body without considering the stage of development. On the other hand, multipotent stem cells are those cells that can be manipulated using science to form a specific kind of cell. Additionally, stem cells are divided according to the different stages of development namely, embryonic, fetal, cord and adult (Jones & Byrne, 2004). Stem cell research, which began in the early 1960s, is the investigation and experimentation conducted by scientists to examine the possible usage of stem cells in human life. Science has always been sources of new insights helping people live their lives in an easier manner. With the advent of technology, there are even greater possibilities into what science can do for human beings. Additionally, just like anyone else, scientists need the people’s support in order to be successful. Stem cell research is one of those areas which possess potential that when tapped will be of great help to human beings.

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Another key advantage of the stem cell research is that scientists have the opportunity to understand the human aging process. It has been an unconquered area of science and many people have been wondering if it is possible to reverse it. Through stem cell research, scientists will be able to understand what enzymes result in human aging thus being able to slow down or stop the process completely (Forman, 2008). There are arguments against such kinds of developments because aging is a natural process. However, research shows that aging mostly results into the weakening of body tissue and immunity thus worsening diseases. In this view, stem cell research will come up with a strategy to slow down the aging process and help reduce the effects of different illnesses especially in the elderly. Aging often results in problems in mobility but stem cell research will help rebuild body muscle thus reducing such problems. The effect of such development could be of major benefit to many people who suffer aggravated pain due to aging and weakness of the body. Additionally, athletes could benefit from this research, as muscles could be renewed thus enhancing body movement.

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Additionally, stem cell research can be used to discover causes of pregnancy loss. Many women suffer the physical and psychological trauma of losing a child before they are even born. This area has raised much debate and it has no results on how this can be prevented. However, through careful analysis stem cell, researchers can come up with ways of alleviating problems that result in pregnancy loss. This would be a relief for many women who have given up trying due to the many losses they have had in the past. Secondly, stem cell research can also help come up with definable causes of infertility in both males and females (Kelly, 2007). Reproductive health is one of the major areas that will benefit from stem cell research. By being able to observe human cells closely, scientists have the opportunity to understand what problems result into infertility. Additionally, it will be possible to come up with solutions to the infertility problem. This will be a major boost to reproductive health as many have lost their lives undergoing procedures that are meant to reverse infertility but do not work. With the current advances in stem cell research, such discoveries are not far from happening. All that is needed is adequate funding and time for scientists to conduct their research.

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Stem cell research is also beneficial in helping scientists gain insights into human cell growth and development. This is not to say that they have not had advancement in this field. Despite the success that has been witnessed in the field of biological science, there are areas that remain unsolved. With the advancement of stem cell research, it is possible for scientists to come up with explanations for different concepts of growth and development of humans. The embryonic stem cells give scientists an opportunity to understand issues related to birth defects that appear in children (Forman, 2008). It is important to note that in America, the number of children born with defects is increasing as the days go by. Through stem cell development, it is possible to detect how these defects are formed and come up with strategies to prevent them. The scientists can analyze each step of the formation of defects through various experiments thus making it possible to come up with formulas that can prevent this formation. This would be a great step towards making developments that would enhance people’s lives.