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Augustine's notion that it is the duty of the individual to aid those less fortunate than themselves is expounded upon in the essay "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" by Peter Singer.

Foreign aid from wealthy regions has been dedicated to reducing poverty.

Select one of the following questions and answer it in 75 to 100 words using the principles of critical thinking you learned in this course.
•How can we reduce poverty in the United States?
•Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities?
•Has the United States peaked as a world power?

There are several ways for income redistribution to reduce poverty.

Not only is education important in reducing poverty, it is also a key to wealth creation.

As a young student I would like to suggest some factors which would be helpful in our journey to reduce poverty. Basically we have to take necessary steps to reduce the population in our world. Natural resources don’t increase according to the population which is increasing at a high speed. When we consider the families in poor countries, they have at least six or seven kids. But those kids do not have a proper health or the parents cannot provide proper education for them. And also those parents cannot provide good foods filled with suitable nutrients to their kids due to lack of wealth. Because of that their healthiness decreases by a considerable amount. The development of their brains becomes insufficient and due to that their ability to get a proper education decreases.

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What are the effects of poverty for our world? Do you know that over 21,000 children die every day around the world due to illnesses, conflicts in the world and other different reasons? Most of these are caused by poverty.

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A commitment to poverty eradication was also one of the most important outcomes of the World Summit for Social Development held in Copenhagen in 1995, where abject poverty was considered a severe injustice and an abuse of human rights.

4 Ways to Solve the Poverty Problem in the United States

Increasing the number of organizations which are working to reduce poverty by educating people of developed countries to be organized and to take actions related to this matter is also another suggestion of mine. Encouraging people who have volunteered to provide facilities such as pure water, foods filled with nutrients, living places to poor people and who’re conducting charity services to develop the lives of them, by offering special rewards and admiring them in various ways would be a good way to increase the number of voluntary workers. So I believe my opinions and suggestions would be a good help to conclude poverty.

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Understandably so, because this is the level of education through which most poor children pass and within which their achievements should assist them to break the cycle of poverty.

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Poverty has become a great issue in our world. Though many organizations have been created to find solutions for this matter nobody could not save our world completely from poverty. The most common fact which we can realize when we consider on information about poverty is that poverty is mostly occurring in developing countries.