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"Materialization" is by all odds the most difficult aspect of survival evidence for us to accept with our rational mind. In 1972 I organized a team of British and American scientists to go to Brazil to try to capture on video tape or movie film, evidence of materialization. For various reasons we were not successful in the 2-week period which we could spend in Brazil, but I thought you might be interested in seeing of what I consider a successful demonstrationof the phenomenon of materialization, previously accomplished by a team of 14 medical doctors, psychiatrists and lay persons in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Then Thomas Paine rises up outside the cabinet; we all recognize and speak to him, and he responds in good oral speech. Our visitor asked: "Are you the veritable Thomas Paine of American Revolutionary history?" The spirit answered, "I am he," and, raising his hands and eyes upward, passed out of our sight, seemingly going down through the solid floor, and instantly is standing full form in the cabinet door, five or six feet from where he went down as above stated, saying, "Well, friends, here is Thomas Paine again," and simply vanished..."When I was on earth, I was persecuted. Little children were taught to mock me upon the streets. There was no hell dark, dismal, sulphurous enough in which to punish me for my alleged heresies. Slanderous tongues made their slimy trail in the very air concerning me. But you can say to them that Thomas Paine passed to the higher life in peace, assured of the fact that no God of vengeance or an endless hell awaited him; and that, sometime, somewhere, beyond all hells, in the sweet sunshine of loving beneficence, his most bitter enemies of earth and Thomas Paine would be loving brothers, although the people, some of them, thought me so strangely wicked, indeed, that to their minds no mode of mortal punishment had ever been invented but what was too good for me"... It has been also both spoken and written by certain self-styled scientific research people that a visible materialization under any conditions is simply a scientific absurdity and an absolute impossibility, and contrary to every known natural law.Here, friends, I wish to say as loudly as I can, so as to be heard all round your earth, that what is called spirit materialization is in exact accord with every known law of spirit and of physics... - Emanuel Swedonborg
- Grace
- Jose
- Prof. Michael Faraday
- Prof. Michael Faraday
- J.W. Draper
- Faith
- PaulYou have been told that there is a future life which is revealed, and you can, and have had the absolute proof to offer: for the only proof is demonstrative facts through the death of the body. You know that you shall not "die". You know you have that within you that of which the death of the body is not the end. You see a gradual development from lower to higher forms of life--one eternal process moving on, by which higher and higher faculties are developed in successive organisms, and a gradual evolution of higher powers in the highest organisms to the very hour of death. Are you then to believe in the sudden and absolute reversal of all laws of evolution, and the abrogation of any design in existence--that these highest faculties are capable of no further development, and the whole course of nature falls shattered in blank annihilation? - Prof. William Denton

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Jack London’s “To Build A Fire,” both 1902 and 1908 versions, cause distress in readers’ minds and make them wonder how a simple topic of surviving in the cold can turn out so horrific.