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Although it is sometimes thought that for various crimes punishment ought to be fixed, other people believe that crime situation and inspirational factor should be taken into consideration. In my opinion, i consider that it is better to judge each crime individually.

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There are two main opinions regarding punishment implementation for criminal act, either it should be rigid despite of whatever the action is, and, the law should also consider about the reason behind the act and the condition that make the person commit the unlawful act. In my opinion, only those who planned for criminal act deserve the fixed while if that illegal act was performed as an immediate response to protect themselves, they have the right to defend themselves.

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First of all, capital punishment would reduce taxes and makes prisons a much more effective place to hold criminals.

Issues pertaining to the execution methods, reasonability in the relationship of punishment to the crime, who receives the death penalty, and innocence have been discussed and researched in great lengths.

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One could regard some of this as analogous with canings by prefects in English schools. It seems to have been something quite different from fraternity paddling, a private unofficial activity that has more to do with hazing than punishment. Meanwhile at Texas A&M University, paddling with an ax handle has been described by one informed source as "the traditional method of discipline at the university" until as recently as the mid-1980s -- see .

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If corporal punishment is to be just, it must be inflicted without consideration for differences in race and sex. If girls are not caned for the same offenses for which boys are caned, then the boys are the victims of discriminatory treatment. Discrimination against women and girls in many areas has justifiably been an object of concern. However, there has been scant attention to those social practices that discriminate against men and boys. It seems clear to me that the discriminatory use of corporal punishment on the basis of race and sex is immoral. I should like to think that little if any argument is required to convince people in our society of this. However, I cannot discount the possibility that some will think that gender differences are relevant. Some might suggest, for example, that girls ought to be treated more gently than boys because girls have a more delicate constitution. I do not see how this kind of view can be reconciled with the widespread views in western society that it is wrong to treat people differently on the basis of gender (or racial or religious) stereotypes. While some girls may be more delicate and sensitive than some boys, some boys are more delicate and sensitive than some girls. To treat people differently on the basis of gender rather than on an individual basis is to engage in unfair discrimination. I realize that not all societies share this view. It would be beyond the scope of this paper to examine which view is correct, though my sympathies are clear. Societies that do accept the liberal principles of nondiscrimination must consistently apply these principles.

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In Macedonia and Athens, if a person commits a crime such as betrayal or treason against their country and the punishment is death for them and their children (Peggs, 1839).