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He says that "when we areborn, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools."Cordelia's people come to bring him back to their camp,and they chase him down.We next see King Lear asleep under the care of Cordelia.

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Beg another of thy daughters."
(Act 1, Scene 4, Line 105)
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In King Lear the Fool is a static minor character.

The Fool in ?King Lear is a William Shakespeare creation

The sins committed against King Lear are a result of his personal faults of rashness, blindness, and foolishness.

The fool is telling the King that he has been extremely rash and has made several stupid decisions.
The fool is suggesting that Lear is responsible for his own foolish decision.

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He continuously points out that the King is a fool, Lear gave away all of his titles to his daughters making him a fool

One must not make rash decisions for that can lead to ones defeat
This quote is several wise sayings stressing the importance of common sense over impulsiveness.