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The life of an art critic is not, in the normal run of things, a hazardous one, but some works of art are more dangerous than others. A number of...

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Jacques Kebadian discusses his experience working with Bresson as his assistant on the films Au hasard Balthazar (1966), Mouchette (1967), and Une femme douce (1969).

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Tomorrow marks the centenary of the birth of the English painter Robert Medley. Medley, who lived to the ripe age of ninety-five, is something of a...

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Andrew Graham-Dixon on a retrospective exhibition of Arshile Gorky's paintings at the Whitechapel GalleryWE LIVE, it is often said, in a...

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Although Four Nights of a Dreamer was condemned for being out of step with the times when it was released in 1971, it is now possible to view it as a genuinely great work.

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No filmmaker has ever made pictures that are at once so concentrated and so expansive, so precise in their mapping of action, and so careful to allow for a resonance beyond the fantasy of nearly everyone lese who has ever worked in the medium.

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'Everyone is an artist,' Joseph Beuys famously declared, but perhaps he should have added that not everyone should necessarily exhibit their work....

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Mengs is the prototype for the B-list celebrity, famous for being (briefly) famous. Andrew Graham-Dixon reportsANTON RAPHAEL Mengs was...

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Andrew Graham-Dixon reviews the Agnes Martin retrospective at the Serpentine, LondonTHERE IS a venerable tradition of American painting...

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Based on a 19th-century short story by Dostoevsky that had previously been filmed by Visconti, the movie tells of a series of encounters between a young man, played by Guillaume des Forets, and a young woman, played by Isabelle Weingarten, in post-1968 France.