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He decided to help young startups after deciding job creation is the best way to invigorate society.“I want to help launch 500 companies in my 40s as Eiichi Shibusawa did,” said Sakakibara.Eiichi Shibusawa was a well-known figure active during the prewar era and is considered the father of capitalism in Japan.Sakakibara’s ultimate goal is to help found a company with the global competitiveness of Facebook or Microsoft.

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In Money and Modernity: Pound, Williams and the Spirit of Jefferson, scholar Alec Marsh traces the economic theories that ran through the work of modernist poets. Even poet and successful businessman Wallace Stevens had an economic position, that, Marsh says, “depends on the redistribution of wealth from the top down” (Marsh 157). In Marsh's volume, no such space is given to Marianne Moore's monetary ideas. Is it possible that Moore, a Protestant, could have been a poet of the Protestant work ethic, and that she might have come down squarely on the side of the capitalist ethos that was widely denigrated as sinful because it didn't kick money to impecunious poets?

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Instead, it’s an incubator of sorts to nurture startup businesses seeking to go global.Sakakibara heads Samurai Incubate Inc., which offers office space at Samurai Startup Island near Tokyo Bay.“I want to support entrepreneurs with the samurai spirit,” said Sakakibara, “which means I would like to help people who can sacrifice themselves for others.”As more tech-savvy young Japanese launch startups, aspiring to become the next Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, the so-called incubator sector is burgeoning, offering promising entrepreneurs initial funding, mentoring programs and work space.Samurai Incubate is aspiring to create a Japanese version of Silicon Valley.Sakakibara meets three promising entrepreneurs a day and listens to their business pitches to decide if their projects are worth investment.