(Main ideas and Major supporting points)

Rough drafts will undergo peer critique on the Blackboard website. Reading and commenting on one another’s essays is something I will check on, and will be logged in to the assignment grade.

Read the questions very carefully at least 2 or 3 times.

When synthesizing two things, you compare them and point out their differences, but emphasize their similarities, and find enough common ground that you can say, together, they present a single idea or a single thesis. I think Wallace and Freire both have common goals or agendas; they just arrive there in different ways. Locate their thesis, their primary concepts, their primary reason for writing these essays, and see where they overlap. That overlap—the similarities in concept—is the synthesis.

Circle all the keywords in the question.

Decide if you need to write a 1-paragraph or a multi-paragraph answer.

Categorize information carefully and continue to think critically about the material. Ask yourself whether the sources are reliable and whether the connections between ideas are clear.

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As you begin to research and dig into your sources, you can begin to plan out what you want to prove, as this will be the foundation of your thesis statement. Keep track of what source specific information came from. At the very minimum you will need two sources, but the more the better. Choose sources that are the most relevant to your topic, and as you begin to plot out the argument you are going to prove, begin to think about how your sources will be organized to support your argument.

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In the event you are given a topic in class to write about, you can skip this step all together, though you should still begin to think about from what point-of-view you will be writing from.

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In the event that your sources are given to you by your instructor, read through them carefully and organize them accordingly to how you will be supporting your argument. Don’t forget to start planning out your thesis statement as well.

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Before you even begin to think about writing a synthesis essay, know the topic you will be writing about. If you get to choose the topic to write about, spend some time to think about what you are passionate about. What interests you? What do you believe is worth writing about? Once you have a general idea of what you want your topic to be, narrow that idea down in scope to a specific topic you can discuss. For example, let’s say you decide you want to write about cars. You would then narrow that general idea down to a specific topic, such as the effect of cars on the environment.

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• No less than 5 full pages, no more than 7, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 pt. type size
• Name/class heading will appear only on the first page only
• Each page should have page numbers in the upper right hand corner
• Your grade for this assignment is 25% of your final grade