What they're willing to die for...

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The weird thing about telling someone they're dying is that, it tends to focus their priorities.

Sidney Wade is the author of seven collections of poetry, most recently Bird Book, published by Atelier26. Her poems and translations have appeared in Poetry, The New Yorker, Grand Street, and The Paris Review, among others. She served as the poetry editor of Subtropics and as president of AWP and secretary/treasurer for the American Literary Translators Association. She taught for many years in the MFA@FLA Creative Writing Program at the University of Florida.

What they're willing to lie for."

Gregory House, "House, 'Three Stories'"

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Silverman - Skylar Hamilton Burris

For any traveller looking for quality accommodation and eateries at a decent price, TripAdvisor’s reviews are often as useful as believing that Santa Claus comes down chimneys on Christmas morning.
Yes but no but … Well, maybe. It’s complicated!
TripAdvisor has a Review Moderation and Fraud Detection department that supposedly filters the fakes and ensures all is fair and above board but lies slip through. As do negative reviews from fake guests, posted as disinformation or revenge, which can remain on a hotel’s review site for many days after TripAdvisor has been notified, mangling the property’s reputation.

Catherine Turman Wildermuth [.pdf]

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Melillo - Victoria Wickham - Michael Ginzburg

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Tale of Melibee as a Proverb Collection - B.

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