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Everybody’s face and body is a different shape and size. This makes universal face cradle comfort somewhat difficult, but not impossible. The trick in this case is basic trial and error. Work with your client to deduce which position is most comfortable for them.

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Nearly all medical schools have individual applications, called secondary applications, which supplement the centralized AMCAS, AACOMAS or TMDSAS application. Generally secondary applications have additional essay questions and request a secondary application fee.

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During a consultation, always ask about allergies and be prepared with some great backups such as aloe vera oil, coconut oil and a gentle water-based cream. Personally, I tend not to use oil on the hands or feet during any treatment, as I find cream is not only easier to massage into these areas, but it also feels better for the client, absorbing faster and leaving no oily residue. I often place a few drops of peppermint essential oil into foot creams as I tend to buy them unscented. For the hands, no scent is best.

Medical School Secondary Applications.

It’s a good idea to have a selection of massage oils available for both client preference and safety. If your client happens to be allergic to your usual oil, and you don’t have a backup, you may lose out on their business entirely. So far, I have not encountered anyone who had allergies to Sweet Almond Oil, (my carrier of choice).

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This was a prime example of poor management at the establishment, but a great example of the importance of temperature. Whether your clients come to you, or you go to them, make sure you carry enough blankets and extra towels. When making house visits during colder months, it’s best not to assume your client will have the sufficient supplies available. Asking them to provide 3 towels or less is usual, even a throw or quilt if they have one to spare. If you see them struggling to find what you need, come to the rescue with your backups.

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There’s not only scent to be aware of, but oil placement too. Keep essential oils away from the face and any areas of skin that appear irritated or sensitive. It’s common for holiday-goers to have been sunbathing. And it’s common for sunbathers to book a massage. Sunburns and oils, especially essential oils, is a recipe for disaster. Always observe your client carefully before placing anything onto their skin.