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The essays in Tolstoy On War focus primarily on the novel’s depictions of war and history, and the range of responses suggests that these remain inexhaustible topics of debate. The result is a volume that opens fruitful new avenues of understanding War and Peace while providing a range of perspectives and interpretations without parallel in the vast literature on the novel.

LIST OF TOLSTOY'S WORKS from “The Life of Tolstoy” by Paul Biryukoff, Cassell& Co., Ltd.

On Non-Resistance
The First Step (on vegetarianism)
The Kingdom of Qod is Within You; or
Christianity not as a Mystical Teaching
but as a New Conception of Life
The Meaning of the Refusal of Military Service
Reason and Religion
Religion and Morality
Christianity and Patriotism.
Non-Resi8tance (a letter to Ernest H.

Introduction by Donna Tussing Orwin

Those works which are generally accepted as the most important are printedin blacker type.

What Then Must We Do ?
On Women
On Manual Labour
Mental Activity and Manual Labour
Culture's Feast (on the anniversary of the Moscow
Letter to a Revolutionist
On the Famine (reports and letters)
Shame ! (against corporal punishment)
Patriotism and Peace
To the Liberals
To the Ministers
The Approach of the End
A Letter to a Non-Commissioned Officer.
On the Hague Peace Conference
Two Wars
Who Is to be Blamed ?
Carthago Delenda Est
The Slavery of our Times
Where is the Issue ?
Patriotism and Government.
Is it Really Necessary
To the Tsar and his Associates
The Nearing End of the Age
Mementoes for Soldiers
Mementoes for Officers
On the Working-Class Problem
Letters to the Tsar
To the Working People
To Men of Politics
To Social Reformers
Letter to Pietro Mazzini
Bethink Yourselves
In the Russian Revolution
How to Emancipate the Working Classes
A Great Injustice (on the land problem)
On the Social Movement in Russia
The End of the Age
An Appeal to the People
On Military Service
On the Meaning of the Russian Revolution
What Must be Done?
An Appeal to the Government, the Revolutionists
and the People
The Only Solution of the Land Question
1 Cannot be Silent (a protest against the
wholesale executions)
Concerning Molochnikoff's Arrest
The Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Inevitable Revolution
An Address to the Stockholm Peace Conference
An Efficient Remedy (last article, published
three days after his death by the St.