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Your resume (or curriculum vitae) should list your relevant work experience, internships, research, awards, and/or publications, as well as educational history. Resumes can be uploaded in the Resume section of the application portal.

1$12,000-$16,000 per year (nonresidents)$10,000 per year (Indiana residents)

Purdue scholarships are highly competitive - each year about 15% of applicants receive a merit award. Awards are based on credentials and information presented at the time of application for admission and are nonnegotiable. Purdue does not match offers from other institutions and does not consider appeals for merit aid.

4 with Purdue GPA of 3.00 or higher

Criteria3 – Exceptional academic achievement; leadership and service in school/community

Tulane SPHTM participates in the centralizedSchools of Public Health Online Application Service or SOPHAS. Allgraduate applications must be submitted through SOPHAS. The formalapplication consists of:

To receive and maintain their Purdue scholarship, recipients must:

Students must apply to and be accepted intothe combined degree program for the 12 credits in the core coursesto count toward both degrees. Students must graduate from the BSPHprogram to continue in the MPH, MSPH, or MHA program beyond the 12credits of core courses. Once students have been accepted into theBSPH/MPH Combined Degree Program, they should meet with theirgraduate advisor early in their senior year to plan study that willincorporate the goals and competencies of the MPH, MSPH, or MHAprogram they intend to pursue.

enroll in the fall term for which the scholarship was awarded;

The BSPH/MPH Combined Degree Program is apath for continuous study from the bachelor's degree through amaster's level professional degree at the School of Public Healthand Tropical Medicine (SPHTM). The Combined Degree leads to amaster in public health (MPH), a master of science in public health(MSPH), or a master of health administration (MHA). The CombinedDegree is an opportunity for public health majors to begin graduatestudy in their senior year; students may take up to 12 graduatecredits in public health core courses that may be applied to boththe BSPH and the MPH, MSPH, or MHA degrees.

meet or exceed individual scholarship renewability requirements.

remain continuously enrolled at Purdue, including at least one full academic year in the disciplinary college to which they were originally admitted;

You should send all official documents directly to SOPHAS.

Only domestic students are eligible for the scholarships described above. Domestic students include U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, permanent resident aliens, and aliens lawfully present in and able to establish domicile in the United States per federal immigration laws. International students who hold F, J, and some other visa types are not eligible.