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They can also be used in an educational environment. Obviously, any writing assignment could always benefit from more description, and more examples to help your reading audience understand your point. Let’s assume you are working on an essay regarding a political topic, and you are trying to convey why this issue is so important to those involved. In this case, using similes and metaphors will give your readers something concrete to tie these ideas to, even if they are unfamiliar with the issue itself.

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5. The best way to write an essay without unnecessary figures of speech is not to think about them at all. Just express your personality, and the metaphors will flow freely and in a natural way.

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Sticking with the same situation, you could just as easily use metaphors to convey the urgency of a pressing issue to your coworkers:

2. Use metaphors when it is necessary or when it will help you express your thoughts better. Therefore, do not simply “insert” metaphors in order to be “more attractive” for the reader, or more impressive.

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As these writers did, when composing personal essays you should consider the similes, metaphors, and analogies available—even if they are commonly used—as efficient ways to demonstrate stylistic creativity, represent your understanding of a topic, describe related phenomena, and discuss fundamental concepts important to your field.

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As examples from personal essays written by students, what follows are a few fundamental comparisons that writers made through analogy, simile, and metaphor, with their surrounding material further explaining the comparisons. Notice how none of the comparisons are difficult to grasp, but all are illuminating.

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In addition to definition as a stylistic device, one of the best ways to make fundamental comparisons in writing is by using analogies, similes, and metaphors. Analogies, similes, and metaphors can be used to compare unlike but arguably similar things, either by implicit or explicit comparison. Such comparisons help aid our understanding and can be used to clarify or strengthen an argument, and they do so with efficiency. As with definitions, issues of audience and context help guide us in deciding when to employ these devices.

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I got 19/20 for my Briar Rose essay in the trials (havent done the HSC Briar Rose uses the story of Sleeping Beauty to act as a metaphor forBriar Rose Essay - ScribdBriar Rose Essay - Download as Word Doc ( doc / docx), PDF File ( pdf), Text File ( txt) Allegory is used to act as a metaphor in which one story symbolizes another The use of themes investigates the view of history and memory and givesBriar Rose Essay - Critical Essays - eNotes comEssays and criticism on Jane Yolen s Briar Rose - Critical Essays The fairy tale around which the novel revolves serves as a metaphor and can be used as a That version probably stems from an even older version with several variations