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The American movement against the Vietnam War was the most successful antiwar movementin U.S. history. During the Johnson administration, it played a significant role inconstraining the war and was a major factor in the administration's policy reversal in1968. During the Nixon years, it hastened U.S. troop withdrawals, continued to restrainthe war, fed the deterioration in U.S. troop morale and discipline (which providedadditional impetus to U.S. troop withdrawals), and promoted congressional legislation thatsevered U.S. funds for the war. The movement also fostered aspects of the Watergatescandal, which ultimately played a significant role in ending the war by underminingNixon's authority in Congress and thus his ability to continue the war. It gave rise tothe infamous "Huston Plan"; inspired Daniel Ellsberg, whose release of thePentagon Papers led to the formation of the Plumbers; and fed the Nixon administration'sparanoia about its political enemies, which played a major part in concocting theWatergate break-in itself.

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The National Black Antiwar Antidraft Union (NBAWADU) is founded by Gwen Patton to protest the Vietnam War and the draft. They ally with two other predominantly Black social movement organizations: the Black Panther Party and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

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As the war expanded—over 400,000 U.S. troops would be in Vietnam by 1967—sodid the antiwar movement, attracting growing support off the campuses. The movement wasless a unified army than a rich mix of political notions and visions. The tactics usedwere diverse: legal demonstrations, grassroots organizing, congressional lobbying,electoral challenges, civil disobedience, draft resistance, self-immolations, politicalviolence. Some peace activists traveled to North Vietnam. Quakers and others providedmedical aid to Vietnamese civilian victims of the war. Some G.I.s protested the war.

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The protest movement in opposition to the Vietnam War was a complex amalgam of political, social, economic, and cultural motivations, factors, and events.

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With U.S. troops coming home, the antiwar movement gradually declined between 1971 and1975. The many remaining activists protested continued U.S. bombing, the plight of SouthVietnamese political prisoners, and U.S. funding of the war.


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This dual biography of the brothers who were top aides to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson is an outstanding study of the mindset that allowed the United States to become slowly ensnared in the Vietnam War.

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Most veterans who had persistent post-traumatic stress a decade or more after serving in the Vietnam War have shown surprisingly little improvement since then, and a large percentage have died, a new study finds, updating landmark research that began a generation ago. Members of minorities who enlisted before finishing high school were especially likely to develop such war-related trauma, as were those veterans who had killed multiple times in combat, the study found.