- place the child so his desk is not receiving direct sunlight

"We are pleased to recognize these dedicated individuals as members of the Division of Blind Services' Successful 75," said DBS Director Robert L. Doyle. "The recipients have worked tirelessly to make a difference in their communities through outreach, advocacy, hiring practices and via their individual commitments to achieve self-sufficiency. Through these efforts, Florida continues to strive to become a barrier-free environment for residents with visual disabilities."

- have the child wear sunglasses for outdoor activities

The multiple intelligences approach does not require a teacher to design a lesson in nine different ways to that all students can access the material...In ideal multiple intelligences instruction, rich experiences and collaboration provide a context for students to become aware of their own intelligence profiles, to develop self-regulation, and to participate more actively in their own learning. (p. 27)

Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services

Part 1: Math Methodology: Instruction

According to Carol Dweck (2006), author of , "When students and educators have a growth mindset, they understand that intelligence can be developed. Students focus on improvement instead of worrying about how smart they are. They work hard to learn more and get smarter." Through years of research, she and colleagues have found that "students who learn this mindset show greater motivation in school, better grades, and higher test scores" ( para. 1).

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With the proper support, a student with a visual impairment, should have a positive school experience and achieve his or her goals. Most visually impaired students will be able to obtain a regular high school diploma and continue with higher education.

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The Tampa Office was relocated in fall 2015 due to severe flooding in the Tampa area. Through partnerships with our community Rehabilitation programs, this past year DBS has assisted 854 individuals with achieving successful employment. Additionally, District 7, which includes Hillsborough and surrounding counties, has provided services to 1,164 individuals from babies to seniors through various programs.

Positive attitudes and perceptions about learning

File your request, to be considered for all available aid, then consult with your academic advisor for information about student assistance programs that speak to your particular disability.

Acquiring and integrating knowledge

October is Blindness Awareness Month. Approximately 180 million people worldwide suffer from blindness or some form of visual impairment. The Florida Division of Blind Services (DBS) has released its “See Different” public service announcement (PSA) to showcase how individuals with visual disabilities, like their sighted peers, possess qualities and capabilities to contribute to and succeed in the classroom, workforce and their communities.

Extending and refining knowledge

When it comes to student achievement, teachers matter. Your role is to positively affect achievement in all you do. If you become a teacher, you'll soon learn, however, that there are multiple sources of variance in predicting achievement. Per Hattie (2003), "It is what students bring to the table that predicts achievement more than any other variable," accounting for about 50% of that variance (p. 1). This is followed by the influence of teachers, who account for about 30% of that variance. "It is what teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation" (p. 2). The home, schools (including their principals), and peer effects account for the remaining major sources of variance, about 5-10% each. But, it is excellence in teachers, not just teachers, that makes a difference (Hattie, 2003).