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Walgreens has a conglomerate diversification business strategy which means they expand not only in pharmacy services but unrelated businesses such as health care clinics and in some areas Walgreens hosts 800 E.V.

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The Walgreens Expressions Challenge is an incentive based contest for high school students ages 14 to 18 that allows teens to showcase their creative perspective on sexual responsibility and health lifestyle choice. The Expressions Challenge motivates teens to voice their opinion on critical life issues they face daily, including bullying, through creative writing, visual arts and media arts. The contest run October 1 through November 30. For more information visit

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Walgreens Awards Over $15,000 to Chicago Students Expression

In closing, Walgreens uses many visual and verbal strategies to convey its message to investors and shareholders such as full page pictures followed by stories, statistics about its new partnership, and bullet points highlighting its financial achievements in its annual report. Personally, I think that Walgreens use of bullet points in the very being of its report was the most effective use of its communication strategies. This puts all of Walgreens best attributes at the front for investors to read quickly and get an understanding of what Walgreens has and will accomplish.