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Historically, there were tested ways of handling such problems short of war.() As for Germany's fear of Russia, here again one must distinguish between what was irrational-the fear of being overrun by barbarian hordes from the East and the notion that a great Teuton-Slav struggle for mastery in Europe was ineluctably approaching-and what was concrete and rational, the fear of being outmanned by 1917 by the combined Russo-French armies.

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But the consensus view claims that Germany had largely created this perilous situation for itself by the aggressive world policy it had followed ever since Bismarck's fall in 1890.

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This disagreement makes little difference in deciding whether this war was avoidable, however, because everyone agrees that Germany and Austria-Hungary, whatever their reasons, chose to take this gamble; they were not forced into it.

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In other words, starting from a correct initial premise that the German powers' initiative was the immediate proximate cause of the war, they have gone to great pains to construct a plausible case that this initiative derived from and was caused by a general situation which also primarily resulted from German and Austro-Hungarian actions and policies over a much longer term.

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In asking whether this world war, a major source and cause of Europe's subsequent relative decline, was avoidable, it suggests a further major counterfactual question it will not attempt to answer, namely, whether absent World War I European world supremacy would have lasted a considerable while longer.

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Whatever the reasons for this disparity, so long as the counterfactuals clearly, logically, and necessarily implied in the consensus argument have not been researched and analyzed with the same care as the other so-called facts in the case, both the argument making the German- Austro-Hungarian initiative the main cause rather than merely the occasion for war and thus making these powers primarily responsible for it, and the argument that the war was inherently avoidable, the result of particular decisions that could have been made differently, remain unproved.

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The United States' war against Spain in 1898, a war against a state that posed no threat to the United States and was thus surely avoidable even if in some respects justified, paid off even more handsomely at almost no risk.

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Eventually this policy emboldened Italy to commit what was arguably the most cynical and dangerous act of imperialist aggression in the whole prewar period, condemned by everyone--its attack on the Ottoman Empire in Libya and the Dodecanese in 1911-12, an act directly linked with the two Balkan wars and World War I itself.