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When Ming learns of Flash’s ruse, he orders a house to house search for Flash and Dr. Bono as the city is cordoned off. The fugitive pair is taken in by a rebel, Kugor who leads them to the abandoned sewer system where an outlaw band gathers to eagerly welcome their savior, Flash Gordon. Meantime, Zarkov and Dale are arrested by Ming’s patrols and imprisoned as outsiders (Caucasians do not exist on Mongo where all humans resemble Asians). Count Bulok, leader of the outlaw band plots with Flash to tunnel into the jails and free all of Ming’s prisoners to aid their rebellion. Meantime, the jailer, Hong takes a fancy to Dale and has him brought to his office where he attempts to rape her.

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— Dave Mason, author of  (Roerich Poetry Prize), et al. Editor of  and  and other works.

Scholarships for community service will be helpful to you if you often give back to your community by volunteering. Communities have weird scholarships, funded by religious organizations, unions and chambers of commerce. These often have respectable award amounts, and they will pay you for paying it forward with your service to the community in which you live.

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Do you know the Klingon language? Have you used duct tape for fashion? Are you a good bowler, or even a good marbles player? These are several examples of the weird scholarships you can apply for, usually without essays. Just think of the weird aspects of life, and there is probably a unique scholarship that applies to them. These scholarships are a unique but less stressful way to pay and manage your expenses in college.

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The time between applying for a scholarship and receiving the funds varies with each individual scholarship. Follow the links on our scholarships below to find out the application deadline for each. If the page says the date has passed for this academic year, check back later when the sponsors load the applications for the next school year. The variations in timelines actually benefit you as a student, since you can get in on some unusual scholarships virtually at the last minute.

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This is not true with unusual scholarships, which usually attract many fewer applicants. That means you can build up a good funding source using non-conventional scholarships, and still be able to pursue your dreams of a higher education.

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If you want to increase your funds for college but you’re not the best at analytical or inspiration essays, unique scholarships can provide a better option. With traditional college scholarships, there is usually a huge pool of students from which the administrators of scholarships will make their choice.