Loneliness is a growing health epidemic

Loneliness is often perceived as a problem specific to the elderly. Older people related to retirement, declining mobility, and death of other elderly family members and peers. And as people live longer and have fewer children, the prevalence of loneliness is expected to rise. But a whole new young generation of lonely Americans is also emerging. According to psychologist Jean Twenge, who studies age-cohort trends, high-school and college students today than those of past generations engaged in in-person social interactions with friends, and they also report higher levels of loneliness.

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In general, when people feel disconnected or lonely, they prioritize emotional safety over social opportunity. This explains some of the counterintuitive research showing that social exclusion and loneliness often make people less sociable. This phenomenon has even been : Using fMRI, scientists have found that when people feel socially excluded, their brains display patterns of activity, or really inactivity, consistent with a desire to avoid further social pain.

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More and more, researchers and health-care professionals are viewing loneliness as . It is associated with elevated blood pressure, poor sleep, and weakened immunity. Persistent loneliness has been linked to death caused by cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions. When researchers combined many large data sets to examine the link between various forms of social disconnection and mortality, they found that social isolation, loneliness, and living alone between 26 percent and 32 percent over an average seven-year period.

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And loneliness often leads to more loneliness. People who feel disconnected from others will cautiously pursue opportunities to form or restore relationships, but they also respond in ways that make connecting with people difficult. For example, that when people experience social exclusion, they are less empathetic, helpful, and generous, and more hostile and aggressive. similarly show that the lonelier people feel, the less socially competent they perceive themselves to be and the more likely they are to withdraw from others.