What Is Man?: And Other Irreverent Essays [Mark Twain, S

Through the progress of the play, his decision-making skills are terribly affected resulting is consequences on himself and others, proving that he is a mad man....

The brotherhood of man is not a mere poet's dream: it is amost depressing and humiliating reality.

What is tolerance? -- it is the consequence of humanity. Weare all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other'sfolly -- that is the first law of nature.

What Is Man?: And Other Irreverent Essays by Mark Twain

What Is Man?: And Other Irreverent Essays - Kindle edition by Mark Twain, S

Modern psychology takes completely for granted that behaviorand neural function are perfectly correlated, that one is completely caused bythe other. There is no separate soul or lifeforce to stick a finger into thebrain now and then and make neural cells do what they would not otherwise. Actually,of course, this is a working assumption only . . ..It is quite conceivable thatsomeday the assumption will have to be rejected. But it is important also tosee that we have not reached that day yet: the working assumption is anecessary one and there is no real evidence opposed to it. Our failure to solvea problem so far does not make it insoluble. One cannot logically be adeterminist in physics and biology, and a mystic in psychology.

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Plasticity is a double-edged sword: the more flexibile anorganism is the greater the variety of maladaptive, as well as adaptive,behaviors it can develop; the more teachable it is the more fiully it canprofit from the experiences of its ancestors and associates and the more itrisks being exploited by its ancestors and associates; the greater its capacityfor learning morality the more worthless superstitions, as well as traditionsof social wisdom, it can acquire; the more cooperatively interdependent themembers of a group become the greater is their collective power and the morefulsome are the opportunities for individuals to manipulate one another; themore sophisticated language becomes the more subtle are the lies, as well asthe truths, that can be told.

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A young man called and said, Dr. Ruth, my girlfriend and Ilove each other very much. We want to get married. I said, Good. What's yourproblem? He said, My girlfriend likes to toss fried onion rings on my erectpenis.

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. . .One thing isthat, unlike any other Western democracy that I know of, this country hasoperated since its beginnings with a basic distrust of government. We areconstituted not for efficient operation of government, but for minimizing thepossibility of abuse of power. It took the events of the Roosevelt era -- acatastrophic economic collapse and a world war -- to introduce the strongcentral government that we now know. But in most parts of the country today,the reluctance to have government is still strong. I think, barring a series ofcatastrophic events, that we can look to at least another decade during whichmany of the big problems around this country will have to be addressed byinstitutions other than federal government.

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. . .Veloz isindistinguishable from hundreds of other electronics businesses in the Valley,run by eager young engineers poring over memory dumps late into the night. Thedifference is that a bunch of self-confessed car nuts are making money doingwhat they love: writing code and driving fast.